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Just got a refrigerator delivered and installed. Right out of the box, the freezer works but not the refrigerator.

I contacted Thermador customer service and they sent the technical service. The diagnosis is that one of the compressors and the inverter were not working; so I did get a non functioning unit from the get go.

I relied to Thermador that they should deliver a new working unit since the original one was defective.

They said that they have the right to fix it at the house and that was is they are going to do.

I do not think is a way to treat the customer; it is not like it failed after being operational; it did never function. I am recommending everybody away from Thermador; the customer is not important to them!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I am fighting Thermador on the same issue. I spent $25,000 for an entire new set of appliances.

The refrigerator was installed in April. Freezer worked, but zip on the refrigerator. It took 2 weeks to get service. Replaced the board.

I was told it was fixed (this is a summer home, so unfortunately I was not there to check). We went to the house in early June and discovered it was not working. The repair guy came back and said the compressor was bad with refrigerant leaking. After a run round , I got Thermador to agreed to ship a new unit "within 7 days." Over a month later, I am still waiting.

So, I have been without a working refrig for 4 months. I have had good experience with Thermador ranges (which is why I bought all Thermador appliances for the new kitchen).

But, something is apparently really wrong with the refrig units.

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